Lapel Pin

Soft Enamel Pin

    Soft Enamel Pins like epola and cloisonné in that strips of metal separate areas of color. Unlike cloisonné, the areas of color rest below the metal strip surface, which can be felt when you run your finger over the surface. Like the photo etched process, the top can be covered with protective epoxy so that the piece appears smooth


Example Price List(Based On 4 Colors)

200USD 1.62
USD 1.72USD 1.79USD 1.89USD 2.38
500USD 1.16USD 1.24USD 1.28USD 1.37USD 1.77
1,000USD 0.84USD 0.92USD 0.95USD 1.03USD 1.40
2,000USD 0.68USD 0.75USD 0.78USD 0.86USD 1.22
5,000USD 0.54USD 0.62USD 0.64USD 0.72USD 1.06

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