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How to Customized one Enamel Keychain

How One Idea Becomes A Enamel Keychain / A Complete Tutorial For Customized Keychain


In this in-depth guide, you are going to learn how one idea becomes one real enamel keychain, so help you save time and energy on discussing with factory like us


There are four main points you will need to figure out first:


  1. Why you need one customized enamel keychain?

  2. How many you want and how much you want pay for them?

  3. Will you need gift package and when you want them at hand?

  4. Do you know about Custom Clearance thing?


Let’s start one point by point.


Why you need one beautiful enamel keychain? You plan to resell it, or it is company anniversary gift, or you want launch one promotion plan and take it as a give away? To understand what you really going to do with the keychain, is the most important part to choose suitable production process.


You may refer to our keychain page, there are different designs based on different production process, like: Wooden House Shaped Keychain is workable for real estate company as promotion ; 3D Black Nickel Metal Keychain workable for souvenir if you have shop in Yellow Stone Park; Hard Enamel Letter Keychain if you want sell your design online ; Bottle opener keychain with laser logo is workable for promotion as no need make new mold but still with your logo or company info on…etc


So the first part is to understand why you want one keychain


If we know very clearly on first point, we can go to 2nd point, how many do you want and how much you want pay for them?


To customized one keychain, means need make new mold sometimes, and mold cost vary from design and shape, such as one flat keychain at 2 inch width cost lower mold cost then one 3D shaped keychain in 2inch width. And this will lead to different production cost too, 5 colors hard enamel keychain cost much higher than one color soft enamel keychain, as hard enamel need be polished each color after been colorfilled, which means cost more labor and machine running longer.


So upon you draft your design in brain, do think over with your purpose with the keychain itself, best check on google image to see what kind keychain is your favorite design and what is workable but simple.


For point 3 and 4 you can leave it to factory with export licenses, just like us Guangzhou Fangshui Arts & Crafs Co.,Ltd , we not only have 50+ workers but also with professional sales team with over 40 years customer service experience totally, and most importantly, we have factory audit, quality test report and export licenses! No need to worry about bad things will happen in last step, or in any mid way of production, you can review below on our production video to understand more:


Vedio in


Oh, the very important thing is: You should find one factory with good designer to realize your sketch, image or artwork into production artwork, make sure the real product can tell what’s in your mind mostly.


Here below some more nice keychain designs for your reference:


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