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How To Choose Suitable RFID Credit CardHolder

To protect our money from the scanner, make sure it is safe, we need one anti-theft credit card holder, with RFID blocking function, good quality, and nice design if possible as plus bonus, we need to carry it all day long and nobody wanna one ugly bad wallet.


There are leather cover,  imitation carbon fiber cover, genuine leather cover, and just blank credit card case itself, you can find different designs in the below pictures. Despite the cover, we choose a blank design first.


Easy to use, slim to be carried on, best looks cool!


The mother version is from Secrid Credit Card Holder, like picture 1, elegant and easy to use, 6 credit card in, aluminum body, different colors to choose from...etc, really one good product!


The second picture is from our Fangshui Arts & Crafts, push-button at the bottom, silicone insert within the case not velvet as Secrid, 6 credit cards in and 6 colors to choose from, high polished aluminum body with a smooth surface..., another very good product!


The third one is our newest patent design, we put the button on top instead of the bottom, easy to push by finger and cards pop up out one by one, size at 4*3.2 inch, small enough to put in pocket, also with different color options


When we chose the design, the cover is the second concern.


Leather Credit Card Holder always one main choice, no matter it is PU leather or genuine leather, it seems soft things always one good choice for people.  There are ladies leather credit card holder such as below, also men's credit card holder with money clip as below, luxury and can be personalized by embossed or laser engraved name or logo on. PU is more economic and still can be with good quality, also animal-friendly; Genuine leather is luxury especially for first-class genuine leather, now crazy-horse style is most popular; Most eco-friendly and premium quality is real carbon fiber credit card holder as below, strong enough and real carbon fiber itself is the best material for RFID blocking!


You may notice there is one stainless steel money clip in our credit card holder, cash can be held easily and will not fall off when swinging the card holder. The money clip itself been glued with credit card holder tightly and will not fall off in daily use, 1 year at least.


Now, it is time for you to check which one more workable for you at design at cost :)





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