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How does this credit card holder been produced

How does this credit card holder been produced, and what are the potential quality problems during the production process? 


Let's start with the aluminum card holder body. 


Step 1: Purchase suitable high-quality level aluminum material, melt it and inject into a stainless steel mold, then we have long aluminum cube 


Step 2: Cut the cube into pieces, at the size of the credit card holder


Step 3: Polishing outside and inside of the small aluminum cube very well 


Step 4: Quality check and pick no good ones out 


Step 5: Send good pieces to be anodized to different colors, such as silver/black/red/blue/gold/grey...etc


Step 6: Quality check those anodized aluminum and only keep good ones 


Then we have the aluminum cube body wait for assembling 


2nd part, the black ABS plastic button


Step 1: Purchase high-quality black ABS material, melt it and injection into a stainless steel mold, to have separate button pieces


Step 2: Quality check those separate button pieces and pick no good ones out


Step 3: Polishing ABS button pieces all around very well 


Step 4: Keep good ones and assemble with the aluminum cube body, to have blank credit card holder ready 


3rd part, leather or carbon fiber cover


Step 1: Work on production artwork based on client request


Step 2: Purchase high-quality leather or carbon fiber material, and making cut mold for the cover 


Step 3: Cut the material and stitching per artwork 


Step 4: Glue the cover onto the aluminum credit card holder itself 


Step 4: Check quality for the goods and pick no good ones out, pack good-quality card holder into a black box, or gift package per client request 


Step 5: Pack into carton and ready to ship out


So let's discuss potential problems during the production process:


    Delay shipment: 


  1. No exist material, need to spend time on sourcing suitable material 

  2. Anodized process does not run well or client ask a special color, need re-do anodized process, or need to wait for the anodized part do that special color with other goods together, as one special color MOQ 5000pcs to start 

  3. To wet for the glue to be dry. After gluing the cover onto credit card holder, we will not bake it in the machine as will destroy the cover, the glue will be dry in 2 normal days while takes longer if it is wet days 


    Quality problem:


  4. Some tiny scratches on the aluminum credit card holder body during anodizing 

  5. Cards fall out as the silicone pieces on two sides of the card holder not thick enough

  6. Leather cover is dirty during the gluing process 

  7. Leather cover peel off due to glue not strong enough 


    Our Fangshui did experience such problems during production, and some problems twice! So we ever had held the production to resolve the problems, especially for the glue, takes us months to find suitable strong glue! 


    Now though there are still things out of control, like the anodized part, we have done very well in production processes that running in our own factory. 


    Welcome challenge us by sampling or order :)  











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